And yes, Ted Kingston's been in the air, sharing fantastic, one-of-a-kind views. East Point Lighthouse, the bridge view coming into town and a view from the Point. Ted is also a supporter of local artists and musicians, hard hit with Covid restrictions. The shot to the left was taken at Crow Creek Farm.

Dan Jameson shot most of these in Whale Creek recently. He says the Bald Eagles have been active, both juvenile and matures. The Cormorant in flight was taken at Corson's Inlet.

Egrets enjoying the sun and "seafood."

Greg Bennett's Windscapes sparked a lot of chatter on facebook. We never tire of Greg's evening and early morning shots when the light is truly magical, even when we're looking at what's been left behind and washed ashore.

The photos above are of an American Oystercatcher (L) and chick, and a beautiful Black Skimmer.

Both photographed on our beaches by Deb Rivel (c).