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Click the link below for a roadmap to all you need to know about village life, a history and wildlife preview, and information on how to join the SIA and meet your neighbors!

Strathmere Info Document

 Have you renewed your SIA dues yet? We extend an invite to all Strathmere and Whale Beach homeowners, friends and visitors to join or to renew for the 2022 calendar year. There are two easy steps to take:

    1. Click on the sign-up form on the menu bar, top right. Please enter or update your contact info, particularly if you are a homeowner. For security, you will be asked to enter info twice. The process takes less than five minutes but will allow us to update your contact info, to ensure you receive our newsletter, and to help us reach you in case of an emergency or if an issue arises specific to your neighborhood. (There’s nothing that makes us feel more helpless than seeing water gushing from a burst pipe in a house and not knowing how to reach anyone, for example.) We do not share or publish our mailing list, but we also cannot migrate your info into the new platform without your cooperation.

    If you are not a homeowner, we can also target audiences to help reduce unnecessary emails that pertain to something specific, such as the recent workshop to help reduce homeowners' insurance costs.

    2. Once you’ve updated, please either mail us a check or pay via Venmo. Checks payable to the SIA, PO Box 4, Strathmere, NJ 08248.
On Venmo, find us @Strathmere-1951. Please give us names & emails, especially on Venmo, so we can match you with our records.
Dues are $10.00 per person, ($20.00 per couple) but we gratefully accept any donation you are able to give. We are a 501 (c) (3) corporation so anything above your dues is tax deductible.

Please review the August 2021 meeting minutes

for your approval at the July 9 meeting. 

   Just up the path at the Corson's Inlet State Park on Commonwealth Avenue, you'll come upon two interpretive signs about our rich birdlife. Did you know Strathmere is an important stop along  the Atlantic Flyway? During migration periods, birds stop to rest, nest and to refuel for their long flights.

   Strathmere hosts multiple Endangered or Threatened Species. When you see roped off areas on our beaches, please respect our wildlife and take a few moments to get to know our feathered friends.

Would you like to share your story? It's easy! Email: sia1912@comcast.net for details.

with Township Happenings via https://uppertownship.com/

Join us for our upcoming summer meetings: Saturday, July 9 and Saturday, August 13, 10:30 am, Firehouse. All are welcome.

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Bylaws Update-Over the winter, a committee appointed by President Janice Connell conducted an extensive overhaul of the SIA bylaws to help streamline and update our bylaws for current and future members and officers. You are asked to preview the proposed changes and additions and to be prepared to vote at the July meeting. You can peruse the revisions here: Proposed Revisions.docx and view the total document here: 5 5 2022 Bylaws Revision .doc. Thank you to committee members Len Wilson, Rosalind Chadwick Garrigle, Lisa Carr, Vice President Juliette Schlucter and Past President Linda Bateman.

Strathmere News

We invite you to Join or to Rejoin the SIA for the 2022 Calendar Year

SIA Officers: President Janice Connell, Vice President Juliette Schlucter, Secretary Rosemarie Whelan, Treasurer Terence Buckley and Member at Large Donna Diefenderfer. 

    Upper Township Committee meetings are held twice a month. To have an agenda emailed to you, contact:

  • clerk@uppertownship.com

For Planning and Zoning Boards, contact

  •  Zoning Officer-Secretary to the Boards

    Agendas, Minutes and Committee meeting videos are posted on the Township home page. Register for Code Red, check on trash and recycling, review Covid-19 updates or reach anyone at Township Hall from the home page.

It Never Gets Old!

Enjoy Ken Weaver's Presentation on Early Strathmere History. You'll see what used to be here and what still is-only. a little different!

 Our Rich Bird Life in Town

Why Birds Matter

Strathmere has always been a haven for birds and other wildlife-a quality of life which drew us all here.. With development and increased beach traffic comes the loss of habitat. Click the link for a quick, thoughtful answer to "why birds matter."

Why Birds Matter

The photos below left are of an American Oystercatcher and chick, and a beautiful Black Skimmer. Both photographed on our beaches by Deb Rivel (c).

   The signs are a gift to Corson's Inlet in celebration of Linda Carter Bateman's milestone birthday and the SIA's 70th Anniversary. The Carter   Family's donation in Linda's name, along with financial support from the SIA, is designed to build appreciation for and understanding of our natural area.

   Strathmere's Deb Rivel provided photos and text with support from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Parks and Forestry.

  • To view the Township Zoning Ordinance, view here: 
    ​ORDINANCE NO. 005-2020
  • ​2021 Dues can be paid to SIA, PO Box 4, Strathmere, NJ 08248. $10.00 per person.
  • ​Sign up for emergency township notices (Code Red) here:

  • Visit our Facebook page:

New Interpretive Signs Debut

in Recognition

of the SIA's 70th Anniversary.

Enjoy a Strathmere Stories

Presentation of the

Unofficial History

of the Upper Township

Beach Patrol!

​   In case you missed our special Zoom meeting with Upper Township Beach Patrol Captain Bill Handley, here's a link to watch and listen to his unofficial history of the Beach Patrol, complete with stories and photos. Bill also talked about Strathmere's current guards and beachgoers' needs.