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As we continue to build our Strathmere Stories Video Archive, we invite you to sit back and watch Strathmere's Stef Muller of the Shack reminisce about here 20 years at the Shack and what it has meant to have Alex grow up surrounded by all of you.

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    Agendas, Minutes and Committee meeting videos are posted on the Township home page. Register for Code Red, check on trash and recycling, review Covid-19 updates or reach anyone at Township Hall from the home page.

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for the 2021 Calendar Year - our 70th!

What a hoot! Liz and Katie Laurence reminisce about spending summers in Strathmere with their grandparents, Donald and Elizabeth Bergus. We'd love to share your family's story. Email us for details, or better yet, send us a video!


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Take a listen...(each day, a new song from BirdNote!)

As we celebrate our 70th anniversary year, we extend an invite to all Strathmere and Whale Beach homeowners, friends and visitors to join or renew for the 2021 calendar year. There are two easy steps to take:

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Dues are $10.00 per person, ($20.00 per couple) but we gratefully accept any donation you are able to give. We are a 501 (c) (3) corporation so anything above your dues is tax deductible.

Proposed By-laws Revisions to be introduced July 16, 2021 for a vote to approve on August 21. 

The revisions are designed to bring our by-laws in line with current banking practices and to ease in the transition of newly elected officers onto the board.

 Over the past year, the SIA has implemented on-line banking which has changed the way treasury funds are collected and dispersed.

   Additionally, the Board recognizes that officers may serve in the off season via virtual contact and that a change in date for assuming office be moved from January 1 to October 1 in order to transition into office more easily.

             Why Birds Matter

   Strathmere has always been a haven for birds and other wildlife-a quality of life which drew us all here.. With development and increased beach traffic comes the loss of habitat. Click on the red button for a quick, thoughtful answer to "why birds matter." 

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   After more than seven months and five Zoning Board meetings, the proposed luxury hotel was defeated by a 4-3 vote at the May 13 meeting.  Thanks to Jessica and Chris Kohles for challenging the application and to the more than 100 property owners and visitors who hung in and who offered compelling, respectful testimony.



Big Win For Strathmere! By a 4-3 Vote, the Zoning Board Denied

the application for the Proposed Hotel!

Keep in Touch

  • The Township Zoning Ordinance was approved. View here: 
    ​ORDINANCE NO. 005-2020
  • ​2021 Dues can be paid to SIA, PO Box 4, Strathmere, NJ 08248. $10.00 per person.
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   Four Strathmere residents served on the Planning Board sub-committee that worked to develop the new building ordinance adopted May 26, 2020. Not one of them spoke in favor of the hotel. Thanks to Janice Connell, Tom Rossi, John Dougherty and Ted Kingston for their service and advocacy. Thanks also to Ed Tettemer for his strategizing and communication skills and to all SIA members whose support allowed us to keep folks in touch via our Zoom license, email server, website and facebook page.


 Our Rich Bird Life in Town

The photos above left are of an American Oystercatcher and chick, and a beautiful Black Skimmer (below). Both photographed on our beaches by Deb Rivel (c).

First SIA Meeting of the Summer! Join us, Friday, July 16, in the Firehouse. Come say farewell to Butch and Debbie Vandegrift between 6:30-7:30 pm and stay for the SIA meeting at 7:30 pm. Please review the minutes of the last meeting by clicking on the blue box below. After a brief business meeting, Deborah Rivel, a third generation Strathmerian, will talk about the wildlife (birds, terrapins and butterflies) that populate Strathmere.  Hoagies, wraps and adult beverages @6:30!    

It Never Gets Old!

   Enjoy Ken Weaver's Presentation on Early Strathmere History. You'll see what used to be here and what still is-only. a little different!