August SIA Meeting Recap 

More than 70 people logged on to the SIA meeting on August 22. The current slate of officers was reelected for 2021: Linda Bateman, President; Janice Connell, Vice President; Rosemarie Whelan, Secretary; Peggy Kiessling, Treasurer; and Donna Diefenderfer, Member-at-Large.

Minutes of August, 22, 2020 SIA Mtg


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  The December 10 Zoning Board hearing included a preview of the new hotel plans, smaller units, one less pod but still 600 sq ft of living space. The opposition continued its testimony which included a professional planner and septic engineer who spoke against the hotel being built. Public comment began but only three homeowners within 200' had the opportunity to speak before time ran out. 


We recently learned that in the middle of the Zoning Board hearings for the proposed new luxury hotel, the owner has submitted new plans which still require variances to the building ordinance, especially a Use Variance.

By law the applicant does not have to send new notices to property owners within 200' so we are sharing the plans above (click on red button) and keeping the original ones for comparison (in blue box).


  Despite the new building ordinance unanimously adopted by the Township on May 26, 2020, which reinforced the 35' height restriction and instituted flexible and fair development restrictions, the owner of the former Strathmere Motel has filed multiple variances, especially a D variance or USE Variance.  

   This is our chance to fight for our mission of preserving Strathmere's historic village and to save our eco system, safeguard our property values, and quality of life by pushing back against development that threatens the very heart of our town.

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As we continue to build our Strathmere Stories Archive, we invite you to sit back and watch Strathmere's Stef Muller of the Shack reminisce about here 20 years at the Shack and what it has meant to have Alex grow up surrounded by all of you.

An Architectural Sized Copy of the New Plans are on display at Schiavo Library.

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Former Motel Submits New Plans for Luxury Hotel;

View meeting recording via link below (fast forward to 33.00).

Next meeting: Feb. 11, 6:30 pm

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  A  Waterfront Development Permit Application seeking approval to remove the existing docks at the Deauville Marina and create a much larger network of connected floating docks was submitted to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection on August 20th, 2020.  The marina’s current license provides for a maximum of 30 slips. Under the new proposal, the marina seeks to provide 70 transient docking slips:  39 for PWC (jet skis) and 31 for power boats. The proposed floating dock network would extend westward into the bay and northward to end 50 feet from the bridge.To accomplish this expansion, the application calls for the dredging of 1843 cubic yards of sand.

 A complete copy of the Permit Application has been uploaded to the SIA website ( link below).
 Drawings of the proposed expansion and dredging plans can be found on pages 66 and 67 of the Permit Application.

   Neighbors within 200' received registered letters advising them of the the proposal, and have voiced concerns including: the significant increase in licensed slips contributing to congestion on the bay, the noise coming from additional jet ski activity, the impact on our creeks, marshes, environment and wildlife, the proximity of the docks to the bridge and the impact on street parking.
  Concerns and/or comments about the proposal can be emailed to the NJ DEP at the following address:

Deauville Waterfront Redevelopment Plans

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What a hoot! Liz and Katie Laurence reminisce about spending summers in Strathmere with their grandparents, Donald and Elizabeth Bergus. We'd love to share your family's story. Email us for details, or better yet, send us a video!

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Deauville Waterfront Development Plans Unveiled


  • The Township Zoning Ordinance was approved. View here: 
    ​ORDINANCE NO. 005-2020
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