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  No one from the public spoke in favor of the hotel.

   Despite the new building ordinance unanimously adopted by the Township on May 26, 2020, which reinforced the 35' height restriction and instituted flexible and fair development restrictions, the owner of the former Strathmere Motel has filed multiple variance requests, especially a D variance or USE Variance.  

   At the upcoming May 13 meeting, the Township's Planning Consultant will give her wrap up, the attorney representing a couple in opposition will make his closing arguments and the attorney for the applicant will do likewise. It will then go to the Zoning Board members for their deliberation. Log on via GotoMeeting that night to see proceedings.


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             Why Birds Matter

   Strathmere has always been a haven for birds and other wildlife-a quality of life which drew us all here.. With development and increased beach traffic comes the loss of habitat. Click on the red button for a quick, thoughtful answer to "why birds matter." 

August SIA Meeting Recap 

More than 70 people logged on to the SIA meeting on August 22. The current slate of officers was reelected for 2021: Linda Bateman, President; Janice Connell, Vice President; Rosemarie Whelan, Secretary; Peggy Kiessling, Treasurer; and Donna Diefenderfer, Member-at-Large.                         Minutes of August, 22, 2020 SIA Mtg


  The April 21 Zoning Board meeting was the final chance for property owners and visitors to comment on the proposed new hotel. In total, more than 100 folks offered testimony over the last few months in opposition to the project and gave powerful arguments as to the  devastating losses and quality of life conditions that would result with the Inn's approval. Problems with an inadequate septic, increased traffic and parking, noise, exterior lights, blocked views and breezes and a change in the character of the town were often mentioned. Living near such a structure would decrease property values and will forever change our town, they testified.



Strathmere News

 Two Minutes to Start Your Day with a Smile!

Take a listen...(each day, a new song from BirdNote!)

    Upper Township Committee meetings are held twice a month. To have an agenda emailed to you, contact:


For Planning and Zoning Boards, contact

  • Shelley Lea, Zoning Officer-Secretary to the Boards

    Agendas, Minutes and Committee meeting videos are posted on the Township home page. Register for Code Red, check on trash and recycling, review Covid-19 updates or reach anyone at Township Hall from the home page.


Strathmere Stories YouTube Channel

The photos above left are of an American Oystercatcher and chick, and a beautiful Black Skimmer (below). Both photographed on our beaches by Deb Rivel (c).

An Architectural Sized Copy

of the  Plans is on display at Schiavo Library.

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for the 2021 Calendar Year - our 70th!

What a hoot! Liz and Katie Laurence reminisce about spending summers in Strathmere with their grandparents, Donald and Elizabeth Bergus. We'd love to share your family's story. Email us for details, or better yet, send us a video!

Would you like to share your story? It's easy! Email: for details.

As we continue to build our Strathmere Stories Video Archive, we invite you to sit back and watch Strathmere's Stef Muller of the Shack reminisce about here 20 years at the Shack and what it has meant to have Alex grow up surrounded by all of you.

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Property Owners' Testimony Concludes on New Hotel Proposal;

next meeting Thursday, May 13, 6:30 pm

Spring Means the Return of Our Rich Bird Life to Town

It Never Gets Old!

   Enjoy Ken Weaver's Presentation on Early Strathmere History. You'll see what used to be here and what still is-only. a little different!

  • The Township Zoning Ordinance was approved. View here: 
    ​ORDINANCE NO. 005-2020
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