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The flock was captured by Greg Bennett on the beach as the sun was coming up; bayside as it was going down.

New Boat Ramp Nears Completion in Time      for Memorial Day!

Strathmere First!                                 Are you interested in becoming Strathmere’s First Boat Ramp Attendant?

   At a recent Township meeting, Karen Mitchell inquired about who would work at the new boat ramp this season. She then followed up with Township Clerk Barbara Young, and Township CFO Barbara  Spiegel to advocate for Strathmerians to be hired. Download a blank application by clicking on the blue box above or you can contact the Twp. Clerk and or CFO offices for an application
   Here’s what Karen learned:
  Three new positions will be created to man the Strathmere Boat Ramp from May 26, 2017 through Sept. 4, 2017, with a salary of $12.50 per hour.  These will be part time positions with existing Beasley Point collectors having first dibs at the Strathmere positions. However, at least one new position will be available and possibly up to three. Karen argued that someone from Strathmere should be hired.
   Shifts will be 10 hour days from 7:00 am till 5:00 pm daily.  Attendandts must collect Boat Ramp fees according to the Twp. fee schedule.  Collectors are responsible for keeping their own bank, making their own change, keeping their own accounting records and reporting back to the Twp. Clerk' s office the day after their shift. Only two consecutive ten-hour shifts would be scheduled.  Collectors will not have access to credit card transactions and will be responsible for administering cash only. Collectors will be issued an official T-shirt, hat and possibly sunscreen .
   Part of the application process will include: finger printing, a physical, recommendations and a completed Twp. application.  The position requires someone who is mature, assertive, responsible and detail oriented. The collector must be able to properly handle circumstances that arise from the service of collecting fees.  Karen notes it would be a plus to have boat and jet-ski knowledge, along with familiarity of the Strathmere Bay. These traits may set Strathmerians apart from other applicants.
   It is not too early to apply. Karen stressed to Twp. Officials the obvious benefits of filling the jobs with a local. With boat ramp parking at a premium, a local could walk or ride a bike to work, plus Strathmerians are already knowledgeable about the Bay, boat ramp, tides, and are familiar with the many individuals that use the ramp.

Click on the blue box to the left for a blank application.

  Karen is happy to provide more input if you're interested. Email her at:




   Have you seen Ken Weaver's video of his presentation on early Strathmere history yet? If you were one of the hundreds who packed the firehouse last summer and want to revisit it, or if you missed it, here's the Friday night session. Fire up the popcorn! Thanks, Ken for generously sharing your work.

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