August Dates       for your Calendar

8/9, Open Mic Night;

Schiavo Library, 6-8 pm. Drop in and tell your story for the Strathmere Stories Video Archive or sit in and listen to others tell theirs.

8/11, Kids' Surf Fishing Tournament

8/16, Phils Game (scroll down)

8/18, SIA Meeting,    10 am Firehouse. Election of officers and guest Gary Riordan talking Twisties in a (Coco) Nutshell.

8/25, Nightmare!

Have you gotten your 2018 Wooden Strathmere Ornament, featuring our beloved terrapins? Great Christmas gift for just $10.00. Email:

How Times Change!Look at the treasure we were recently given by Elizabeth Bergus's estate. Atlantic City Magazine, a little over 26 years ago, did a story on our sleepy town soon after a building moratorium had been lifted. (Moratorium was because of lack of a safe water supply.) Eight houses were under construction as of April 1992 (two finished during moratorium). Proud to say former SIA President Bill Cowan is featured, and the article gives credit to the SIA that "banded the residents together and called on Upper Township, the municipality that governs Strathemre, to impose the moratorium." Water was precious and the town was in danger of running out.

  Lynda Carpenter, Bruce & Gwen Riordan, Donald & Elizabeth Bergus, and Gussie Eggie and David Meade were also interviewed for the story. The SIA is passing the magazine along to the Schiavo Library for the public to enjoy up close and personal.

Grand Marshal Jackie Cunningham!

Yes, this happened. With sneakers!

Another Hit of a Parade!

Thanks, Karen Mitchell,                      for a super 2018 July 4th Celebration!

   Have you seen Ken Weaver's video of his presentation on early Strathmere history yet? Fire up the popcorn! Thanks, Ken, for generously sharing your work.

Would you like to share your story?

   It's easy! Email: for details.

   As we continue to build our Strathmere Stories Archive, we invite you to sit back and watch Strathmere's Tom Leonard share his life's adventures on the seas, always returning to Strathmere. (Volunteers needed to help splice videos via our youtube channel.)

July 20! First SIA meetingof the season. In addition to the highlights below,  we will have plans for the Commonwealth restriping from the County. Please review the August minutes from the last meeting for approval at the meeting. (Green tab on left.)

Could We Stop Buying Mylar Balloons, please?

This graduation balloon washed up near the Inlet. Sent the image to  Long Branch School's fb page to ask that the Class of 2019 consider going Mylar Free. Great dialog ensued. Long Branch schools, for instance, have banned plastic straws in all their buildings, and promised to talk with students and families about balloon use. (Plastic straws, btw, account for about 7% of the plastic that washes ashore.)

Sign Up for Emergency Township Notices (Code Red) :

As Karen said, more than 45 volunteers, the SIA, SVFC and the Deauville work together each year to create memories,  to celebrate our Strathmere way of life and to bring the community together wrapped in red, white and blue. Til next year...

SIA Member-at-Large Janet Mahley 

Took the Wheel of the SIA Car.

Calendar Addition:

MS Lifeguard Race is coming up, JULY 23.

Want to get involved? UTBP is looking for Volunteers!

      Here's contact info for more details: 
      Captain William Handley
      Upper Township Beach Patrol
      609-263-1151 (HQ)
      609-602-5143 (Cell)

Many thanks to all who contributed pix throughout the year, especially Ted Kingston and Greg Bennett.

To share pix, please email:

Remember these? If you'd like to register your vehicle as belonging to a "local," a free bumper sticker is avaliable. Email: for details.  Good for security- identifies your vehicle as one that belongs in town, especially during the off season. (@2" high X 3.5" wide)

Awards Ceremony @the Deauville  was Packed!

Click on menu bar on the left     to view Stockton 2017 Coastal Report.

Grand Centurion Ed Andresss!

The SVFC coordinated traffic flow and put on a show!

Proceeds help underwrite the July 4th Parade and Annual Strathmere Christmas Party.

   Welcome to the Strathmere Improvement Association's homepage. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter list (click on contact tab on left) so you can receive info and updates on happenings in and around town. Don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook!   Strathmere Improvement Association

Terrapin Release-The annual release is Thursday, July 19, 6 pm at the Schiavo Library. After a brief intro, we'll walk to the boat ramp to release the terrapins. Thanks to the Wetlands Center and to the SFEC for sponsoring this hands-on instructional event-always a great family time..

​​This is Why WeDo It!


Charcoal Gray, zip up Hoodies in Adult Sizes Small-XXXL.  $30.00 each.

Strathmere Volunteer Fire Co. Third Annual Trip

to the Phillies Game:

August 16, 7:05 pm.
$45.00 per person includes bus, ticket and tip. For more info: Call Larry Dubs @ 609 399-5563 or email:

​Strathmere Improvement Association

PO Box 4, Strathmere, NJ 08248

   Have you paid your SIA dues yet? If not, please send a check to the SIA, PO Box 4, Strathmere, NJ 08248. $10.00 per person. Your dues help underwrite the July 4th Parade prizes, the annual Christmas Party, newsletter and website fees,  and several programs held over the summer season-more announcements soon! Thanks so much for taking part in a community organization dedicated to preserving life as we know it in Strathmere and to keeping you informed of goings on around town.