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It is with great sadness and fond memories that we share the news of Tom Leonard's death. Services are set for Monday in Glenside, PA, with plans for a later memorial service in Strathmere. Here's a link to Tom's obit: https://www.mayfuneralhome.com/obituary/Thomas-B.-Leonard/Strathmere-New-Jersey/1818911?fbclid=IwAR1O5JWU6jjrVSQNmc7i9R7SwgSrH1zwk2WSdqWtXXazi5MpeBA-hBU21Nw

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How Times Change!Look at the treasure we were recently given by Elizabeth Bergus's estate. Atlantic City Magazine, a little over 26 years ago, did a story on our sleepy town soon after a building moratorium had been lifted. (Moratorium was because of lack of a safe water supply.) Eight houses were under construction as of April 1992 (two finished during moratorium). Proud to say former SIA President Bill Cowan is featured, and the article gives credit to the SIA that "banded the residents together and called on Upper Township, the municipality that governs Strathemre, to impose the moratorium." Water was precious and the town was in danger of running out.

  Lynda Carpenter, Bruce & Gwen Riordan, Donald & Elizabeth Bergus, and Gussie Eggie and David Meade were also interviewed for the story. The SIA is passing the magazine along to the Schiavo Library for the public to enjoy up close and personal.

Fortunately, Tom sat down to tell his Strathmere Story last year. Here's part 1/5 (uncut) of him regaling us with memories of growing up in Strathmere. At one point, Tom commuted by boat from Strathmere to work at the Cape May Ferry. He said he opened up the throttle, no worries of no wake zones, and sped through frigid wind and waters to and from work all year long. Visit Strathmere Stories on youtube for all five parts.

Gary Riordan and Twisties Tavern (part 1)

Remember these? If you'd like to register your vehicle as belonging to a "local," a free bumper sticker is avaliable. Email: sia1912@comcast.net for details.  Good for security- identifies your vehicle as one that belongs in town, especially during the off season. (@2" high X 3.5" wide)

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"Big Joan" Stroble DiFiore and Gary Riordan

(part 2)

   Have you seen Ken Weaver's video of his presentation on early Strathmere history yet? Fire up the popcorn! Thanks, Ken, for generously sharing your work.

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   As we continue to build our Strathmere Stories Archive, we invite you to sit back and watch Strathmere's Tom Leonard share his life's adventures on the seas, always returning to Strathmere. (Volunteers needed to help splice videos via our youtube channel.)

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