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   Have you paid your SIA dues yet? If not, please send a check to the SIA, PO Box 57, Strathmere, NJ 08248. $10.00 per person. Your dues help underwrite the July 4th Parade prizes, the annual Christmas Party, newsletter and website fees,  and several programs held over the summer season-more announcements soon! Thanks so much for taking part in a community organization dedicated to preserving life as we know it in Strathmere and to keeping you informed of goings on around town.

Ed Andress Jr. holds court with tales of his life and his family's rich history on the island. Click on the arrow to view our YouTube Strathmere Stories channel to see Ed's video.

Boat Parade:
1st Place - Magical Mystery Tour-

Garwood Bacon,  Randy Reed, Michael Sottung, Brian Mc Nally, Scott Walsh, Andrew McNally
2nd Place - Nightmare Bridge -

Gary Riordan
3rd Place - Orange you Glad you Found Strathmere? - Dave Townsend

Fire Safety Daya Hit for Young and Old!

   The SVFC coordinated a fun afternoon, complete with free hotdogs and rides on the fire engine.  The Coast Guard Auxillary, The UT Beach Patrol, the SFEC and the SIA  participated too. Note the fun firehats we gave to the little ones..

Remember these? If you'd like a free bumper sticker for your car to show you're a regular, email: or call Linda: 609 970-0157. Good for security as it identifies your vehicle as one that belongs in town. (@2" high X 3.5" wide)

Hats for sale!  email: or call 609 970-0157. Also on sale at the trailer park, site 96.  Pink Sold Out!

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 By Rosemarie Whelan

Strathmere’s man-about-town, Tom Leonard (pictured above), was recently honored for his service to our country by the Quilts of Valor.  This is a non-profit foundation whose mission is “to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.” The Foundation was begun in 2003 by Catherine Roberts of Seaford, Delaware.

Tom received his Quilt of Valor on Saturday, April 8, at the Cape May Lewes Ferry Terminal.

 His service to our country was as a member of the Military Sealift Command from 1966 to 1972.   In this capacity, some of Tom’s duties included “sailing on ships which were transporting tanks and ammunition to Viet Nam; taking Apollo moon rockets from Seal Beach, California to Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and surveying the bottom of the ocean, so that submarines could more easily navigate the waters.”

In discussing the quilt, Tom noted that a certificate is presented with the quilt.  He also pointed out that sewed into the quilt is a 5x5” patch, which gives information as to “who made the quilt and what state they live in.”  Tom also noted that a “patriotic pillow case” in which to keep the quilt, was also given to him.

In his remarks upon being presented the quilt on April 8, Tom stated that “it was a great honor to receive this Quilt of Valor.”

For further information about Quilts of Valor, please visit

Sir Fox is back in town!

Several news stories have been published recently about fox on the beach (not coyotes) in SIC and Strathmere. Google will take you there! Paul Kiessling shared his video.

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Houses On the Bay:
1st Place - Toga by the Bay - Rutherford
2nd Place - Octopus' Garden - Cheyney Family
3rd Place - Strathmere University - Frank and Candy Jankowski

August SIA Meeting Recap:

   Meeting highlights included the Bergus-Laurence Honor Roll Awards, presented by Katie Laurence; election of officers for the 2018 calendar year: Linda Bateman, President; Janice Connell, Vice President; Donna Diefenderfer, Treasurer; Rosemarie Whelan, Secretary; and Janet Mahley, Member-at-Large. Meeting details can be found at the top of the page on the left in a blue box. Click to open.

   Additionally, as we move forward in our goal to become a 501 c organization, it has necessitated some by-law changes. The proposed by-laws are highlighted in a green box, too left of the page. When it is time to submit our application, we will call a special meeting asking for the ratification of the by-laws. 

2017 Bergus-Laurence Honor Roll Awards

​L-R: Matthew Pond, John Pond, Katie Laurence, Trustee; Brian Furey, CJ Furey.

Spirit of Nightmare Award:
Boat Ramp Man - Joe Callahan

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Another Nightmare in the Books

 Spectacular weather, unparalleled spirit and creativity combined for another memorable Nightmare, sponsored by the Strathmere Fishing and Environmental Club (SFEC). The judges had quite a daunting task! Nevertheless, here are the winners:

   Have you seen Ken Weaver's video of his presentation on early Strathmere history yet? If you were one of the hundreds who packed the firehouse last summer and want to revisit it, or if you missed it, here's the Friday night session. Fire up the popcorn! Thanks, Ken for generously sharing your work.

Annual Town Hall Meeting September 16, 10:30 am, Firehouse.

Citizens for Strathmere and Whale Beach will elect new officers and host a guest speaker. Stay tuned for details from them.

Houses Off the Bay:                 1st place - The Big Top Comes to Strathmere - Tom Leonard
2nd place - Nightmare Before Christmas - Scott and Janice Oliver
3rd place - Governor Ralphie Closes the Bridges - Ella and Roy Diamond

Tom Leonard Honored by Quilts of Valor

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