Save the Date!
Join us for the first SIA Meeting of the Season
Friday, July 19, 7:30 pm @Firehouse. Dick Omrod, guest speaker. 

Greg Bennett awoke to the calling of the birds. Lucky us!

   Church trustees are launching a major fundraising campaign to replace its "beyond repair" organ. A reconditioned one has been located and will cost $16,000. More details to follow, but if you can, please mail a check to SUMC, Box 93, STM 08248 to help defray the costs. Regardless of your religious preference, SUMC has been  home to countless concerts, funeral and memorial services, hymn sings and Sunday services.  It's "the town's" church.

   In late fall,  the SIA made a donation of $500.00 to help defray some of the costs of the winter season. Here's hoping you'll  be able to offer financial support, too.

Remember these? If you'd like to register your vehicle as belonging to a "local," a free bumper sticker is avaliable. Email: for details.  Good for security- identifies your vehicle as one that belongs in town, especially during the off season. (@2" high X 3.5" wide)

Ribbons in the sky at dusk. Linda Bateman

2018 Stockton Coastal Report Just Released!

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Sign Up for Emergency Township Notices (Code Red) :

   Time for renewing your SIA membership. Please send a check for your dues to the SIA, PO Box 4, Strathmere, NJ 08248. $10.00 per person. Your dues help underwrite the July 4th Parade prizes, the annual Christmas Party, newsletter and website fees, and several programs held over the summer season. Last summer we gave away 250 stainless steels straws to young people to help raise awareness of reducing plastic on our beaches and in our waters.

   Thanks so much for taking part in a community organization dedicated to preserving life as we know it in Strathmere and to keeping you informed of goings on around town.

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   Have you seen Ken Weaver's video of his presentation on early Strathmere history yet? Fire up the popcorn! Thanks, Ken, for generously sharing your work.

​Strathmere Improvement Association

PO Box 4, Strathmere, NJ 08248

Strathmere United Methodist Church Needs Your Help!

Corson's Inlet, @1928 shared by Paul Dietrich

Many thanks to all who contributed pix throughout the year, especially Ted Kingston and Greg Bennett. To share pix with us, please email:

Pat Kelly shared this sundowner with us.

Strathmere Swag on Sale  

call/text: 609 970-0157

Join us for the First SIA Meeting of the Season!

                                                       Not Riding on 7/6.

The SIA has decided not to participate in the Community Bike Ride tomorrow. We would hope for a future date. For now, please know that the Steering Committee (CFSWB, SVFC, Fire Commission, SIA) is working with the County and State Police to effectively enforce the "No Parking" Zones. For now, we don't want to risk anyone's safety.            
Committee Members  & Organizations*:

Linda Bateman, President, SIA                                             Randy Roasch, SFC; Sergeant of Arms, CFSWB     
Janice Connell, Vice President, SIA                                      Ed Tettemer, SVFC; Corresponding Secretary, CFSWB

Herb Hollinger, President, CFSWB; SVFC                          Rosemarie Whelan, Secretary, CFSWB; Secretary, SIA         

Karen Mitchell,  President, SFC; SFVC member       

*Citizens for Strathmere and Whale Beach (CFSWB)      Strathmere Improvement Association (SIA)
Strathmere Fire Commission (SFC)                                     Strathmere Volunteer Fire Company (SVFC)    


Enjoy some recent shots from around town.If you'd like to share your photos, please email them to:

July 4 2019 Parade Winners Announced. Click on Red Button on Left for list of winners.  Missed the Parade? Watch it by clicking on the video below.

Would you like to share your story?

   It's easy! Email: for details.

   As we continue to build our Strathmere Stories Archive, we invite you to sit back and watch Strathmere's Tom Leonard share his life's adventures on the seas, always returning to Strathmere. (Volunteers needed to help splice videos via our youtube channel.)

Ahoy Maties:​​    Don't Miss this Super Event!

Cruise along the bay front aboard the Avalon Lady while Ed Andress regales us with tales of days gone by.  Strathmere friends and visitors are invited to sign up. Click on the box below to view and print. You must email to hold your seat! Sunday, July 14, every half hour between 6-8 pm.